I don't normally go to a lot of press previews because more often than not that shit is a complete waste of time. I'd much rather sit in front of my computer screen like a fucking nerd than go somewhere to see a bunch of jiggy camo thrown together in a room. Seriously, my time running this site is better off spent actually running this site, which speaks more to a current staleness in the market than my laziness as a dude who tricked another dude into letting the title of "Editor-in-Chief" get plastered across the front of my business card. However, when En Noir posted up at a strangely bro-tourist hotel a few weeks ago to show off their new goods to press and buyers, I made an effort to get off my ass and check it out in person. We've talked about Rob Garcia's foray into the realm of men's clothing before, but that was admittedly because, "YO BRO, HAVE YOU SEEN THAT NEW NEW KANYE AND A$AP ARE WEARING?" But at the time of me writing this things have taken a turn for the, "YO BRO, HAVE YOU SEEN THE FUTURE OF MENSWEAR?" Listen, this stuff is definitely not for everyone, but En Noir is important because it exists at the very molten hot center of today's menswear universe—the synthesis of high and low, the bastard lovechild of capital "F" Fashion and streetwear. We're not asking you to approve as much as we're asking you to recognize. End of transmission.

Images via The GQ Eye