Most people probably don't equate Post Office worker with style icon, but that could change. Now, you can dress like your neighborhood mail delivery person because the United States Postal Service is ready to launch a fashion line. Yes, you read that right. We've seen an increase in tech fabrics, but the Wahconah Group (the firm responsible for the line) is boasting the mail-ready gear will feature "wearable electronics." How does this work? We're not sure, but something about this operation screams, "embedded Sony Discman into sleeve of the jacket." Maybe we're wrong, so you'll get a chance to view the clothes in New York City's Garment District. The Postal Service doesn't have to pay for the product or marketing of the clothing (it probably isn't in their budget), but the USPS will receive a portion of the sales. So, go out and cop that mailman gear, it might be more patriotic than supporting "Made in USA."

[via Gawker]