I love backpacks. I always have. But ever since this one incident I’ve been paranoid about forgetting weird shit in them. If you live in or near Detroit, Canada is super close and you inevitably go there for some reason. Most of the time it's just to see if McDonalds is different there (kind of, but not really). Anyways, this one time I'm going to Canada and I grab my backpack because going to Canada meant going to my grandparents’ cottage and that meant no TV, no bikes, no nothing other than, like, lake water. So, I get my trusty bag and hopped in the Aerostar. Well, at customs I realized I had a backpack full of smoke bombs, an M-80 or two, fake guns that looked super real ('80s-'90s toys were really real) and lots of twine. Back in the day I always had twine on me because I couldn’t afford Batrope. LESSON LEARNED: Don’t take small explosives and realistic guns across international borders. ANCILLARY LESSON LEARNED: Little kids can get away with anything, including smuggling explosives across international borders. Get this Kletterwerks bag for your M-80s and toy guns.