Yo, Nick Grant told me bout this backpack and I totally wasn’t gonna give him credit, but fuck it, thanks for the link, homie. Remember when Kanye West went everywhere with a backpack on? Like, everywhere? Yeah, this is the kind of backpack you get if your lifestyle approves of carrying a backpack that is completely empty save for a few spare gold chains, a cellphone charger and a ridiculously overpriced black beanie. If there's anything I've learned from my comprehensive worldly travels, it's that all dudes with luxe ass backpacks inevitably have ridiculously overpriced black beanies. If you buy this Draught Dry Goods backpack and don't use it to transport some sort of illegal narcotic or the cash obtained from the sale of said illegal narcotic, Nick Grant and I will be disappointed in you. And you don't want to disappoint Nick Grant when it comes to drug dealer chic.