Yes, the Super Bowl took place last night. Girls tuned in for Beyoncé, guys wanted to watch the game, and men's style connoisseurs were treated to a lookbook so fresh they all asked, "when does this season drop?" The "lookbook" was actually a Dodge commercial, an ode to hard-working farmers (set to the words of Paul Harvey) that featured some of the crispiest Americana looks. The Baltimore Ravens escaped a narrow defeat from the hands of the San Francisco 49ers, but #menswear received its style inspiration for fall/winter 2013 and beyond.

We've compiled more than a handful of closely-styled images to prove that Dodge's representation of rural America isn't only on par with menswear's obsession with American heritage, it might be better. So, who does Americana best, your favorite clothing brand, or the auto industry? Click through the story to make your decision.



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