Cash Ca and 6876 have released their second capsule collection featuring two jackets and a pair of tech ninja trousers. These images, styled by Glenn Kitson and shot by Neil Bedford, feature their unique aesthetic, which I dig. What do I think their aesthetic is, you ask? Dope English steez, duh. From an uninformed American’s point of view, that means, like, football hooligans, but instead of burning things and generally fucking shit up, they read cool magazines and have comprehensive vintage collections and probably like reggae. For whatever reason the Brits, to me, always rock super technical gear better than us, but it’s cool, it's rains way too much over there and we can still rap circles around them. I’m really feeling the vibes of this editorial. It makes me want to be a cool dad in a fucked up way, you know? It’s so cozy and unforced and technical and practical. Like, I don’t know where my kid is right now, but I’ve got four free hours to check out these woods and burn a funny cigarette and then hit up the market and butcher shop, grab some grass fed beef and cook it in my cast iron skillet. And I’m dressed to impress all day. The hippies in the woods will be like, "Damn, taped seams?" And the hipsters at the butcher shop will be like, “Damn, Cash Ca?” I’ll be casually flexing, drinking expensive beers in my fucking Birkentsocks.