Bo knows football, baseball and getting injured badly enough to end his career early. But Bo doesn't know jackets—that's what Beams Plus is for and these M65’s are good proof of that. Just look at that beigeeeeee. That’s the beigest beige I’ve ever beiged, ya dig? And that blue? The fucking ocean can’t even get that deep. Count me in for throwing one of these on and doing my best Serpico impression. I’ve never even fucking seen Serpico, but I’m sure its just like every other movie Al Pacino has ever acted in because he plays the same goddamn role in every movie he's ever made. Swear to god, I threw on Any Given Sunday the other night and thought I was watching Scarface for 10 minutes. Then a bunch of big, brolic black dudes with baby arms swanging low in the shower entered scene right and I changed the channel so the honey I was with didn’t dip.