Yes, two posts on two belts in two days because no matter how old you get the crippling fear of being pantsed in public remains. Remember when faja belts were particularly popping and you grabbed one because they brought just the right amount of cultural appropriation to your wardrobe? And not because cultural appropriation is wildly insensitive or anything, but because you were afraid your "boys" would call you "gay"? You even reblogged a picture of your favorite editor wearing one on the outside of his overcoat on some eventual level shit you knew came sometime after next, but, like, couldn't be totally sure because it was so ill all you could do was speculate. Well, as you are already probably aware, we're off that civilian shit and onto the next in ethnic waistwear—La Matera. In my self-appointed, highly esteemed opinion these are a superior option. If you've actually ever tried wearing a faja belt you'll know that the concept is easier than the execution. Basically, the unconstructed nature leads to twisting beyond the point of sprezzatura, landing somewhere between sloppy and looking like complete shit. La Matera brings the ethnic flavor, but also structure thanks to vegetable tanned leather. If you're still wallowing in a stagnant pool of white guilt over swiping some plastic, the fabric is genuinely Argentinian and the belts are hand-crafted right here in the land of white guilt, providing much needed jobs for the white and guilty.