I'm no Al Gore, but I be the weather is going to get crazier and crazier. This summer? 700 degrees, which is a whole 200 degreez hotter than the hottest temperature of Lil Wayne on record. And, sure, you’re gonna wanna wear dad jeans and sweat pants, but I’m going to wear shorts and bring a towel because it’s hot as fuck out. Polka dot shorts pair well with a too long T-shirt or western shirt. First impressions matter. When your Editor-in-chief and Founding Editor are both hosting a party, show up in shorts and use a towel to mop your sweat every five seconds like a grandpa. Try and ignore the fact that the party is featuring a label’s new suiting collection and everyone has a fucking pocket square. Skirt out unnoticed to go eat Korean BBQ on some #foreveralone status because it’s hot out and air conditioning, chicken and Mountain Dew is the only antidote for sweaty New York summers.