Museum of Man

Location: San Diego

2013 Exhibitions: From the Vault: Rare Artifacts with Fascinating Stories (December 1 - October 27), access/ABILITY (October 13 - June 30)

The Museum of Man was founded in 1937 by Paul Rivet, who initially created the museum for the Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne. The museum attempts to "gather in one site everything which defines the human being: Man in his evolution (prehistory), man in his unity and diversity (anthropology), and man in his cultural and social expression (ethnology). Since its establishment, the Musee de l'homme has acquired more than 15,000 artifacts. Due to renovations, the campus has been closed since March of 2009, but is set to reopen in 2014. Upon its opening, make sure to visit the skull of mathematician, physicist, and philosopher René Descartes as well as their specimen of a crystal skull.


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