Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

Location: Chicago

2013 Exhibitions: The Circus Collages of C.T. McClusky (January 11 - May 25), Kevin Blythe Sampson: An Ill Wind Blowing (January 11 - April 20)

Intuit is the only nonprofit organization in the United States that is solely dedicated to presenting self-taught and outsider art. Their growing collection focuses on artists such as Howard Finster, Sister Gertrude Morgan, and James Castle, who have been motivated by personal vision, often with little influence from the academy or education. In 2000, the museum became the steward of Henry Darger's living and working space, publically opening the room in which the Chicago artist tirelessly created his drawings, writings, and collections. Intuit seeks to provide a history for visionaries like Darger through their magazine, The Outsider, as well as through their library and bookstore. In their shop you'll find publications that even the best art libraries might not carry, as well as works by contemporary self-taught artists


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