International Center of Photography (ICP)

Location: New York

2013 Exhibitions: Roman Vishniac Rediscovered (January 18 - May 5), We Went Back: Photographs from Europe 1933–1956 by Chim (January 18 - May 5)

New York City's International Center of Photography is part museum, part school, and part research center. The ICP is quietly tucked away amidst the tower of Manhattan's midtown district. But with one push through the revolving glass doors of the museum, one is immediately exposed to the "possibilities of the photographic medium through dynamic exhibitions of historical and contemporary work." In recent years the ICP's span of programming has been breathtaking. One month they showed Harper's Bazaar: A Decade of Style, followed some time later by Weegee: Murder is My Business and exhibitions titled Occupy! and President in Petticoats! In addition to reminiscing about past popular culture, the ICP helps us to relive and reinterpret historical events through exhibitions like Rise and Fall of Apartheid, Hiroshima: Ground Zero, and Cuba in Revolution. The International Center of Photography is not just a hub for guilty photographic pleasures, but has helped to record and preserve priceless moments of reflection and revolution from our past.


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