Over the course of the last few years, Etsy has grown immensely in both usership and notoriety, gaining not only new users, but an unwavering reputation as the everlasting home of all things twee, hipster and DIY. If you've never visited the homepage, you might be bombarded with images of women in homemade knit circle scarves, or kitschy typeface posters urging you to keep calm and feed your cat. But don't let this mislead you.

As with many tech products, e-commerce sites and apps, once you sign up and actually begin clicking around, saving things and adding stores or items to your favorites list, Etsy catches on to your taste and feeds you spot-on recommendations when you visit the home page. Plus, the latest iPad app is pretty baller and infinitely time consuming if you're the scroll-happy type.

However, if you don't feel like going to the trouble (which you should!), or need a push in the right direction, we've picked 10 items from the depths of Etsy we think you'll enjoy, including vintage items recovered from the 1960s, letterpress notebooks for six bucks a pop, and a DIY beer brewing kit.

You don't have to tell your friends where you got everything. You can just act like you're in on a secret no one else is...which is actually kind of true.