Umit Benan's Trussardi 1911 F/W 13 collection takes the country gentleman and makes him that cool motherfucker who may or may not have straight murked three other dudes with their own guns they were going to use to kill him. In other words, the death count is up because Umit Benan is straight murdering shit out here. Hint to up and coming designers looking for their first Four Pins piece: Design like Umit Benan. Why? BECAUSE WE REALLY FUCKING LIKE THE WAY HE DESIGNS MENSWEAR. Have you not read our EDITOR-IN-CHIEF’S WHOLE LOVE LETTER (NO BROMO) THINGY ABOUT BENAN YET? Hurry up and read that garbage so you have something interesting to say the next time you’re drinking free beers and influencing people at a market week event.