28. Untitled by Wade Guyton OS, 2008

Guyton's work reconsiders elements of abstract art and appropriation through the lens of 21st-century technology. His main tools consist of Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, a flatbed scanner, and an Epson Stylus Pro 4000/9600 inkjet printer, which he mainly uses for large-format printing onto canvas and linen. His body of work acknowledges qualities in machines that we usually only attribute to unique artistic genius. As early as 2004, Guyton has acknowledged the painterly potential of technology: "There is often a struggle between the printer and my material—and the traces of this are left on the surface—snags, drips, streaks, mis-registrations, blurs." Many contemporary artists and art historians would agree that Guyton's work is the most important among those examining our increasingly digital lives.

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