38. Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea by Swoon, 2008

Swoon's fantastical 2008 work Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea is a work that is, according to Judy Bloom of the New York Times, "part floating artwork, part performance, and part mobile utopia." The whimsical vessels were all made of purposefully eco-friendly, salvaged materials. The voyage would begin in Troy, New York and end in Long Island City, with five stops in between. Each boat held anywhere between 9 to 13 people and with seven boats in total, the project was a collaborative effort as much as it was a tremendous feat. It also required permits obtained for camping and docking, in addition to writing, acting, and rehearsing that went into the performances that took place at each stop along their journey. Swoon's legacy as a multi-faceted artist beyond this type of installation is set, but Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea will forever set her apart.

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