19. 24-hour Museum by Francesco Vezzoli, 2012

Vezzoli's temporary institution stimulates conversation on the relationship between commercial interest and purely cultural ones. Using the format of the pop-up shop, a popular form of more-than-a-booth, but less than brick-and-mortar, the Italian conceptual artist brings us the 24-hour Museum. Vezzoli's temporary reign over the Palais d'lena in Paris was funded by Italian fashion house Prada, and the venue was designed by AMO (also known as the alter ego of architect Rem Koolhaas' practice OMA). The grand opening began with a private dinner, then the space transformed into a nightclub. By dawn, the venue transitioned into a more demure, tempered museum setting "complete with school trips and a press conference," according to the Guardian article written by Alex Needham. While Francesco Vezzoli has had many experiential artworks throughout his career, in the form of performances, photographs, films, and more, 24-hour Museum is as much about institutional critique as it is about viewing museums in alternate ways, per the fast-paced 21st century we live in.

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