The 10 Most Stylish Country Singers of All Time

9. Hank Williams Jr.

Most of Hank Williams Jr.'s early days were spent in the shadow of his legendary father, Hank Williams (more on him later). Style-wise, this wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Junior looked great in the '60s, but wanted to forge his own path. After finding drugs, alcohol, and a Southern rock influence, his music became known in its own right, and he definitely stopped dressing like his Pops.

After a brutal mountain climbing accident in 1975, Hank grew a beard and wore sunglasses and a cowboy hat to cover up his scars and disfigurements. The look soon became his signature style, and co-incided with his rise to superstardom. Now you know him as that guy you heard every Monday night until he made some seriously controversial comments

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