Last week we began our weekly deep dive into online store Etsy, promising to surface the best of homemade, DIY, vintage and one-of-a-kind. This week, the roundup is timely, considering hit (or miss, depending on who's talking) TV show Girls premiers its second season on HBO tonight. What's the connection, you ask? Well, Etsy's main headquarters are located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and many of the artisan and home made soaps, candles and crafts hail from every which corner of the borough as well. The four main women and friends of Girls are also scattered throughout Brooklyn. 

But even if you don't like or watch the show, you should check out our 10 picks for the best of Etsy this week. Unlike the show's characters, these items are not in the least bit whiney or entitled. Let's face it: Bed Bath & Beyond is great and all, but I think Etsy proves a little more exciting when it comes to the "beyond" part. Enjoy.