Everyone talks about "investment pieces." We're guilty of it from time-to-time. Buy less, buy better. It's not a new concept. Unfortunately, unless you have a baller job, no significant other, or live at home with your folks, it's hard to actually afford said "investment pieces." That's if you cop things at full-retail prices. Don't do that. That's why there are sales. Shops have a hard time moving higher-priced garments, and need an enticing sale to get people folks to bite on well-made clothes. And people need to look fresh. So, the results are prices that benefit both parties.

  • Bodega, Unionmade, and Leather Soul are all offering huge discount on purchase-worthy items. Bodega is offering up to 40 percent off outerwear, shirts, and sneakers, from brands such as Barbour, Norse Projects, BWGH, Nike, and more. Shop the sale here.
  • Unionmade offers 40 percent off its stock as well. Fucking rad. You can score garments from the likes of Gant Rugger, Gitman Vintage, BEAMS+, Folk, Our Legacy, Nigel Cabourn, and more. Shop the sale here.
  • Lastly, Leather Soul is having a sale on larger-sized Alden shoes. Alden is America's oldest surviving shoemaker. If that's not enough to get you to cop a pair, we're not sure what it is. Put This On has compiled a list of available stock. Email info@leathersoul.com to make inquiries.