Club Monaco with the murdered out waxed parka? Oh, word? Have they officially embraced that goth ninj type shit? If they do, you heard it hear first. If they don’t, which is way more than likely, just forget about it and never bring it up. I’m the Nostradamus of this trend forecasting shit and we need to keep it that way. When I’m right, I’ll be all in your face like, “WHAT? I TOLD YOUUUUU, SON!” And then when I’m 100% completely wrong I just hope nobody ever brings it up so I can make more outrageous predictions that I can take complete credit for and get all up in your fucking grillmix. For real though, it looks like Club Monaco did their homework on this one and crushed the tech game—secret fishtail action, a little, like, throat latch thing and a removable hood for when you’re feeling type elegant.