Massimo Piombo has had some baby mama drama with his various clothing labels over the years, but his Kiton sponsored MP Massimo Piombo collection seems to be hitting its stride. The fabrication is insane and, in this case, the clothing is best appreciated in person. BUT THIS IS THE INTERNET AND YOU DON’T LIVE IN NYC OR MILAN, so you gotta appreciate this shit via your 15 inch monitor, bitches. The F/W 2013 collection is fairly subtle, with some big plaids and shit, but mostly it's on some eccentric millionaire shit viewed through the lens of street style icon, and general stud, Robert Rabensteiner. It all boils down to having a skrong overcoat game, plenty of evening wear to wear whenever the fuck you want, evening or otherwise, because you’re a rich bastard and an air of “FUCK YOU, I'VE ALREADY BEEN PAID." That, my friends, in essence, is the MP Massimo Piombo man.