Denim won't go anywhere. As much as the fashion industry tries to become next-level and create clothes that may or may not be in next season, denim sure will be. There will always be a segment of society who prefers a nice pair of dark-wash (or raw) jeans and a simple T-shirt or button-up. Lee 101's spring/summer 2013 collection exemplifies this train of thought. The collection, while simple, has awesome cuts and jeans you can wear all the time. If you want to get all crazy, try and rock the denim worker's bib or one-piece coverall. Let's not wax Americana, or say how these jeans were built on small shuttle looms. No, these jeans are just cool, and if you appreciate things that can be worn a lot, don't need to be washed all the time, and can be paired with anything, take a look at this collection. Simple as that. 

[via Selectism]