"Ritualistic Iconography" is the theme of Iconograph Magazine's second issue, curated and published by Justin Blyth, with contributing editors Hassan Rahim, Justin Van Hoy and Andrew Pogany. The 80-page curated document, offset printed on an 8-color Heidelberg press in Belgium, was made in a limited edition of 750.

Beyond the stunning art direction and contributions from artists and writers around the world, the publication is specifically dedicated to the late Justin Van Hoy, a renowned artist, gallery owner, and friend to many who are a part of Iconograph.

In describing "Ritualistic Iconography," the editors write:

"Systems of symbols and pictures that are constituted in a certain ordered and determined relationship to the form, content, and intention of presentation are believed to be among the most important means of knowing and expressing religious facts. Such systems also contribute to the maintenance and strengthening of the relationships between man and the realm of the sacred or holy (the transcendent, spiritual dimension). The symbol is, in effect, the mediator, presence, and real (or intelligible) representation of the holy in certain conventional and standardized forms."

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