Designers: consider this trend forecasting report a freebie. According to IBM and its brainy computers, steampunk will be the next big trend for 2013. The calculations were predicted, “based on an analysis of more than a half million public posts on message boards, blogs, social media sites and news sources” according to the company’s press release. The tech company also adds that “major fashion labels, accessories providers and jewelry makers are expected to integrate a steampunk aesthetic into their designs in the coming year.”

The Victorian-era-meets-science-fiction fashion can be best seen through forgotten movies like Wild Wild West and Sky Captain and the World Tomorrow. Although this news comes from the most unlikely of sources, it’s kind of hard to dismiss because, you know—science! While we wait for our steam powered unstructured blazers, below are some other facts that IBM found.

  • 33 percent of online fashion chatter around steampunk can be found on gaming sites
  • 2010 saw a year on year increase in chatter of 296 percent. This increase can be attributed to steampunk-inspired NYC ComicCon events in October of 2010
  • Twitter is the #1 social network for steampunk chatter; hosts six times the number of discussions as Facebook
  • 63 percent of fashion discussions around steampunk are initiated by individuals less than 30 years old
  • 55 percent of social sentiment chatter for steampunk fashion derived by blogs 

[geek via forbes]