You know that one super frat bro you’re friends with? You know, the one you totally thought was a complete loser until you found out he had a decent grasp of rap music and he too, wanted an Eames lounger. You guys probably smoke lots of weed together and he really doesn’t act that super-dude-bro, but you know it’s more of a tamed lion situation. At any moment you could get swept up in a 12 hour bender of binge drinking and pill popping and destruction. These hats are for that guy. When he shows up you’ll be like, “Oh wow, patterned brim? Alright, son. Props.” But inside you'll be going, “FUCK! I CAN’T WEAR PATTERNED BRIMS ANYMORE AND THAT JUST DON I SNIPED ON EBAY IS LITERALLY EN ROUTE. FUCK!”