Conventional scientific analysis (i.e. spending 5 minutes trolling Tumblr) tells us that peaks have peaked. Tailored clothing may be enduring a bear market phase as its popularity is overshadowed by dudes on the Internet preferring to dress absolutely fucking ridiculous, but you're not a pathetic sheep and you do what you want, assuming we tell you first, of course. So, here's a reminder free of charge because if Four Pins is anything, it's straight up bros until we die. You still need tailored clothing. If dressing is situational and your wardrobe is a metaphorical Megazord, all categories of menswear should be properly represented. What are you going to wear when you approach rich widows at a fancy hotel bar? What are you going to wear when you're courting and ingratiating yourself with rich widows? What are you going to wear in court when the families of rich widows are suing you over their inheritance? What are you going to wear when you're balling the fuck out because you won the lawsuits the families of rich widows have levied against you? See my point? Exactly. Suitsupply exists for these highly specific scenarios. Their S/S 13 collection is available for pre-order today so get on that shit, unless rich widows are off your radar entirely, in which case, I'd ask you, why the fuck are you even reading Four Pins in the first place?

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