“Hahahahahahahaha! Pay us $3,000.” That’s what the dudes at Burberry say every time someone buys one of these things. This shit is made with foil bonded silk, which sounds like something the new Ford Focus comes equipped with to make it more eco-friendly. I don’t know man, who is the target demographic for this coat? Like, who needs, nah fuck that, who actually wants a metallic silk raincoat? I'm only coming up with Syfy original movie characters and Busta Rhymes circa 1997. Oh shit, I got it! "Coming this fall, watch as Busta Rhymes journeys into parts unknown, as he builds a time machine in an effort to secure the only coat capable of saving the universe in the Syfy original movie, E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front." Bet you didn't know that was the name of a REAL Busta LP! Bless, bless to Mr. Porter for their resolute commitment to stocking the craziest shit in the world.