"Rick Owens is my favorite, man. I like this shape. This is like video game shit. See, that’s another thing - I really like videos games, and I just always want to try to look futuristic too. That’s one thing I love about Rick Owens: he takes mad risks. That’s why I fuck with McNairy and I fuck with Jeremy Scott and CassettePlaya - I like her a lot, too. But Rick Owens, that’s some futuristic shit.

"I mean to me the best shit is of course the fucking pants and the boots. Fuck, if I had the Balmain shirt, these pants and these boots? It’s going down. That’s my outfit, right there, man, I’m telling you. That’s fire.

"I mean it doesn’t look comfortable but it looks fun, man. So I’m with that. That looks great man, I’m with that. Rick Owens is like one of my favorite designers right now. His clothes I feel like represent a lifestyle that I’m all about. Just fun freaky shit, man, it looks like sex and drugs to me."