"That’s amazing right there. The shirt is on some 'Sergeant Pepper' Michael Jackson shit. I fucks with that heavy, like I would wear that outfit all day. Of course the pants is fucking amazing, I like the biker shits you know what I’m saying? That’s almost too baller though, I don’t know if I could do the leather. I love that shirt though. That asymmetrical shit, that’s Danny Brown all day, I fucks with that hard. Just chilling on a bare mattress in some mansion - that’s some Danny Brown shit, man.

"He got a nice haircut too. The shoes is alright that’s probably my least favorite of the whole thing. They're a little too flagrant style for me. I just noticed these empty cups on the floor next to him. I didn't even notice that, he probably sips lean. It looks like he’s been sipping lean.

"Is that a turtleneck under that? Or is that the whole shirt? I don’t know if I’m with the turtleneck, I have a long neck so I don’t think I look too cool with a turtleneck. But that’s cool the turtleneck is coming back. I’m all about unpredictable things, so that’s cool that somebody would think that a turtleneck would be poppin’. I’m all about it, but I don’t think I'd get involved with that."