Are you tired of all the wack T-shirts out there? Do you long for a time when you could combine your love of classical art with your love of comfortable cotton basics? Do you want your classical art to be the kind that is adored by girls who wear all black and exclusively smoke blunts and know more about underground rap than you? Like, she’s always listening to crazy ignant music about drills and drilling and Citgo and all various kinds of insanity. Well, then Zomb clothing is your dude. Their Tumblr features a whole bunch of potential mind fucking designs. As of right this very second, they only have two shirts—featuring Ganesha and the Louvre Ceiling by Pierre Lescot—slated for release sometime in March. But maybe if you bombard them with requests, they’ll make a few more gems. I’m holding out for Goya’s Saturn Devouring his Son. THAT SHIT IS WILD SCARY. Did you guys know Goya painted that on his living room wall? I KNOW, RIGHT? Hey guys, ready for a little tapas? Please disregard the absolutely batshit mural of a god eating his fucking son on my wall. HOW ABOUT SOME DORITOS?