Quora is question and answer resource that got big because the CEO of a company might answer your stupid question about that company with a fluffy and self-serving answer. More often than not, though, you’re likely to get some blowhard trying to inflate his own intelligence by offering an overly detailed answer to your fairly simple inquiry. As Quora’s user base has grown, the quality of questions and responses has dipped noticeably, and the “Men’s Fashion” section is the bargain basement of this downward trend. It’s not surprising that a site loved by Silicon Valley IT bros contains a lot of ignorant style advice, but I’d have thought the helping hand of Internet #menswear experts would’ve jumped all over the Quora scene by now. Haven’t dudes been helping each other out with this type of thing on the forums for years? But I guess I’m here making fun of these dudes instead of trying to offer any helpful information, so what can I say? Someone page Jesse Thorn, the less-enlightened denizens of Quora need our help. Desperately.

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