Sam Falls

Based in: Los Angeles

2012 was a good year for fans of the multifaceted Sam Falls (born 1984 in San Diego): there were at least eighteen opportunities to see his work in gallery shows, not to mention multiple appearances at art fairs! This staggering number includes not one, but two solos at M+B alone, the second mounted less than six months after the first closed. Before, in between and after, the gallery showed his work at Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Art Brussels and Paris Photo. Falls' non-photographic work was also a highlight of the Sculpture Park at Frieze London 2012, where it was presented by International Art Objects, whose February solo with the artist ran concurrent to the first of M+B's. The gallery waited just four months before showing his work again in their space, this time in a four person exhibition. In between, they took him to New York's INDEPENDENT art fair. Falls also had a May solo with American Contemporary, the New York-based gallery that showcased work at the most recent NADA Miami and will do so again at Art Los Angeles Contemporary in January. The remainder of the aforementioned sea of shows, which mingled photography with sculpture and works on steel and unstretched canvas, took place in solo and group settings at Luce Gallery in Turin, Marta Cevera in Madrid, Karma, Nicole Klagsburn, 11 Rivington and Printed Matter in New York, Brand New Gallery in Milan, Michael Benevento in Los Angeles, Grimm Gallery in Amsterdam, Modern Collections in London, OHWOW in Miami, Twig Gallery in Brussels and Pedro Cera Gallery in Lisbon. Falls' 2013 plans include a solo at Ribordy Contemporary in Geneva and a three person show at T293 in Naples.


Above: Sam Falls, Untitled, 2012, International Art Objects, Los Angeles