Eddie Peake

Based in: London

Eddie Peake's artistic practice is centered around performance, but it is his documentation of those performances that forms the basis of and infuses energy into his tangible works, which frequently encompass layers of photography and painting. Peake (born 1981 in London) ended 2011 with the solo exhibition Boydem, which ran through February, 2012 at Mihai Nicodim in Los Angeles. The following month, he opened a solo at Cell Project Space in London and staged the performance TOUCH at the Royal Academy of Arts. Summer of 2012 saw the opening of solo exhibition Call 2 Arms at Galleria Lorcan O'Neill in Rome, as well as performances of Amidst A Sea Of Flailing High Heels and Cooking Utensils; Part 1 held in the Tanks at the Tate Modern, while Part 2 took place at Chisenhale Gallery. In October, a two-person show with artist Prem Sahib opened at Southard Reid, while Creating and Collapsing a Drama, or How It Must Feel to Be an Ill Dog Wearing One of Those Plastic Head Funnels was performed at the David Roberts Art Foundation. His next solo opens this March as part of White Cube's "Inside the White Cube" series.


Above: Eddie Peake, Negative Luba, 2012, Galleria Lorcan O'Neill, Rome