Artie Vierkant

Based in: Brooklyn

After graduating from UC San Diego's MFA program in 2011, Artie Vierkant (born 1986 in Brainerd, MN) held an eponymous solo exhibition at International Art Objects in Los Angeles and garnered critical attention that positioned him well for 2012, which saw solos at Higher Pictures in New York and The Green Room in London, as well as group shows at Rod Barton, Hillary Crisp Gallery, Seventeen Gallery, Jacob's Island, Carlos/Ishikawa and the ICA in London, Import Projects in Berlin and Kansas Gallery, Room East, Foxy Production, Higher Pictures (which he also curated) and Stadium in New York. 2013 projects include one man shows at Exile in Berlin (January) and New Galerie in Paris (September), and a group show at Brand New Gallery in Milan. Recently listed on "Forbes' 30 Under 30: The Bright Young Stars Of Art And Style" and The L Magazine's "5 Art Stars You Need To Know," we are clearly not the only ones who think he is one to watch.


Above: Artie Vierkant, from Image Objects, 2011-ongoing, Foxy Production, New York