Eyebeam Resurfaces: The Future of the Digital Archive

Location: Eyebeam Art+Technology Center

Dates: January 8 -12

The Eyebeam Art+Technology Center was one of many galleries and art institutions to suffer damage from Hurricane Sandy, which included almost losing its digital archive. Eyebeam is turning the almost tragic situation into a learning experience using lectures, workshops, a documentary film screening, and an exhibition (on view through January 12) to showcase the restoration process and how to properly archive and protect digital history. Curators Lindsay Howard and Jonathan Minard have said, "By sharing the story of Eyebeam's archive and the community effort to save this collection of digital history, we are engaging in a conversation about the long term future of digital media and what it takes to preserve the artifacts of our time." If you're based in NYC, this is a unique, must-see exhibition that resonates with anyone at all affected by the recent hurricane.

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