Discounts are nice. No one likes to overspend. That’s not news. However, begging for a discount—like anything—makes you look desperate. Maybe the employee will like you, and this is the start of a continual hook-up. But beware: if you ask for a discount several times and never receive one, there’s a good chance that you’ll never receive one.

This situation can be remedied. Where do you work? Maybe the employee would love a discount at your place of business. You can barter. But remember, if someone were to ask you for a discount at your job and the answer is a resounding “no,” you can’t be mad if the employee reacts the same way. Chances are, you’re shopping at a corporate American store where the manager breathes down the employee’s neck, and threatens to fire them over “discount abuse.” Would you like someone to potentially risk you your job? Probably not.