Let's face it, we take this whole #menswear thing way too damn serious. I know I told you that it was our livelihood and all that jazz. But I lied. And you know why? Because I am fucking funny and I like to confuse people because that shit is also funny. While we sit around all day in our cubicles filled to the brim with free shit sent to us on a whim (maybe not), thinking up really sassy words to describe Boglioli's showing at Pitti (absolutely) and talking about the silhouettes of some drapey shit we saw A$AP trolling us with (definitely), we're really wet-dreaming of ways we can break out of this well-dressed, okay, immaculately-dressed box and find something else to do that will take our minds off of this madness (one hunnid).

As a people, we can't let clothing take over our lives—emptying our pockets to stay up on shit, taking up all our brain cell activity with frivolous online web-surfing experiences, making us late for work because we can't decide whether to go with the OCBD under the cardigan under the peacoat or the chambray under the field jacket under the down vest. The skress is very real, y'all. Popped a vessel, I'm bleeding! Woo! There's gotta be some shit we can do to take our minds off of menswear, right? YOU BET YOUR SWEET UNIS CHINO'D ASS THERE IS.