It seems like every year the fashion industry is called out for openly embracing or turning a blind eye to harmful issues like child labor, oversights on quality control, underage and underweight models, environmental harm, labor abuses, etc. And each time the industry comes out and promises that the time has come to end these practices once and for all. It's now at the point where it seems like lying about combating these crimes can be added to the list of commonly practiced corruptions.  

The site Jezebel put together a brief list of the human and environmental disasters caused by the fashion industry this past year, including the insane number of child laborers in the textile and apparel industry who are underpaid or toil as slave laborers.  Also documented are fires that killed hundreds of workers manufacturing clothing for Tommy Hilfiger, the Gap, and other widely consumed American brands. And finally, Greenpeace purchased garments from Diesel, Levi's, and other companies to prove that they contained hazardous chemicals.

These and other crimes are committed year in and year out for the sake of looking good and saving dough. The fashion industry has continuously made hollow promises to address these issues, but at what point will it truly realize that it can no longer value profit over being a real life Fashion Killa?