Fellas, buy this suit and you'll bone Gisele. Ladies, buy this dress and you'll look like Gisele. Has this ever actually happened?

Impossible standards and the desires to meet these out-of-reach fantasies are what this industry thrives on. If you can never reach that endgoal, then there's just the newest product and apparel that will promise the objectively absurd. More money, please! *makes grabby motion* 

And while guys can certainly complain, it's clear that we're the half who has it pretty easy when it comes to our reality being assaulted with outlandish dreams of models and bottles via clothing. The pre-pubescent looking and actually pre-pubescent models that this industry has set as normal create an ideal that is impossible for adult women to achieve. The draw of fashion is the glamorous world that's artificially created, but we've arrived at a point where that fabricated world is too often regarded as the one we should aspire to.