"The Skirt" is an ongoing series in which Four Pins' resident lady friend, Rachel Seville, becomes the most important woman in your life.

Earlier this week, The Game released Jesus Piece and everyone got all nutty about the title track, which features (samples?) surprise!—Kanye West. Everyone thinks it’s the coolest song in the world, but is it really that good, or is it just the regular old chorus of singers over menacing strings with a bunch of stuff about “suicide doors” and Kanye West being like “HANH?!”

I can’t say, because I just learned what rap is yesterday, but I can tell you that it doesn’t matter because it has Kanye West on it. It’s an unwritten rule, after all, that if you take anything mediocre or just plain bad—autotune, a stupid Madonna song, New Yorker cartoons, that really awkward Ne-Yo/Keri Hilson song, Taylor Swift being gracious, Wes Anderson’s saddy sad times movies about anachronistic weirdos—and add Kanye West, it is automatically gold.

So that got me thinking: what other boring, banal or awful things could be spun into gold with a little touch of Yeezy? I explore, above.

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