Breaking News: field jackets aren’t going anywhere. I can’t say the same for other jackets, but field jackets have stood the test of fashion time. I copped my first one from Gap when I was in high school. While I wouldn’t be caught dead with it’s ill-fittingness nowadays, it was definitely my go-to in the Limewire porn days. Shit, I downloaded so many viruses my computer probably still has mononucleosis. Anyways, this field jacket from Stone Island will keep you xxx-free it's so good. It’s wind resistant, has a retractable hood in the collar and is also “impregnated on each side with contrasting pigment resin” to achieve a weather beaten appearance. Yeah, you read that correctly. THIS JACKET IS IMPREGNATED TO HELP YOU IMPREGNATE, B. You're basically gonna be the next Antonio Cromartie, though I’m not exactly sure if that’s a good thing. Whatever.