These are like Danner mids. Actually they aren’t like Danner mids, they ARE Danner mids. You don’t always need high ankle support. The Highline in NYC sounds way more treacherous than it really is. Although one time I almost banged my shin on a low bench because I was distracted by a girl in yoga pants. Do yoga pants and leggings make anyone else feel weird sometimes? Anyways, these Danners are fucking awesome and if you feel like showing me any appreciation for all that Four Pins is in your life, feel free to send me a pair. But don’t send them c/o Lawrence Schlossman, because he will straight keep them shits for himself under his desk. For real, it’s like how Barbarian Kings sit on thrones with the bones of their enemies strewn about the floor. Schlossman sits at his desk with shoes of all kind just laying around. Dub monks wallow next to Timbs and Nike Flyknits. It’s a goddamn travesty.