25. The Snow King

Photographer: Washington Post

Year: February 1899

Location: East Coast, Midwest & Southern U.S.

Casualties: NA

The Snow King, or The Great Blizzard of 1899, brought winter where no real, respectable winter had really ever gone before. Like Snow Miser, whatever it touched, from always-snowy Saskatchewan to usually-sunny Cuba, turned to snow in its clutch. Record snows and lows were set all over the country, notably in the Gulf South. As pictured, Tallahassee saw perfect snow fight weather, with blizzard snows and temperatures reaching -2 degrees Fahrenheit - the only sub-zero temperature ever recorded in Florida. Record chills went as far west as Nebraska in the North and Louisiana in the South. On February 14th, 1899, New Orleans shoveled snow off the parade route and celebrated Mardi Gras at a freezing 22 degrees, which remains the city's coldest day ever.