"Ron is an OG to Stüssy. The Southern California product has been down since the earliest days of the brand. Ron got started in photography in the seventies and went from student to teacher to commercial photographer and during that journey where he crossed paths with Shawn Stüssy. It all started when Ron and his wife, Michele, produced an ad for Newport Surf and Sport that featured some pieces from Stüssy and when Shawn came across it, Ron was asked to do his thing on some ads. This was back in 1983 and from that point on, the two worked together for a period of three years amassing a large collection of photographs hallmarked by the globally recognized grainy black and white aesthetic Stüssy is known for. To this day, Ron is still a good friend with Stüssy. We recently worked with him, along with art director Tom Adler, on a photo shoot for our Stüssy Deluxe Reyn Spooner collection."