"During this period of time, Paul Mittleman stepped into the role of Creative Director for us and it was during that time when he proposed the idea of working with Juergen Teller on a World Tour campaign beginning in fall of 1999 in London. We had been watching Juergen emerge through his early work with Id and The Face Magazine and felt he would be a natural fit for Stüssy. We met Teller through mutual friends and ended up becoming one his first commercial jobs after he returned from the production of his book GO SEES. After the series launch shot in London for Fall 1999, we went on to New York in Spring 2000, Tokyo for Fall 2000, and then to Los Angeles for Spring 2001. Juergen approached the shoot with a simple point and shoot camera in each hand and he was able to do an amazing job of capturing kids within their culture and local environment. He’s a very involved photographer who does not rely on a lot of post-production or retouching making for a very raw all around look."