Andre Agassi is said to have single-handedly revived tennis's popularity in the '90s. If you saw this wild-haired neon-wearing meth-smoking crazy person playing tennis on your TV, would you switch the channel? Playing a sport with no team uniform, Agassi was hands-down the first player to bring this extreme of a personal style sense with him onto the court. From the neon to the acid wash to the sick shoes, Agassi was constantly battling to be the top dog of the sport, but he bodied the competition when it came to on-court and off-court style in tennis.

Agassi was so into his personal steez that from 1988-1990 he abstained from playing in Wimbledon because its traditional dress code called for a predominantly white outfit. He also once wore a wig instead of baring his balding dome to the world in his first Grand Slam finals appearance in 1990. Agassi claimed that he was so distracted by the wig potentially falling off that it lost him the match. A combined four champsionships sacrificed for the sake of image? Now that is commitment to the style game.