Let me bring you the new, but looks exactly like every other shoe he makes, Mark McNairy longwing brogue. I’ve figured out the McNairy algorithm to making shoes: take a classic and throw some colors on it, finish off with some camo. Boom. Sold out. Make crazy fucking money and be best friends with rappers. I’m sure by this point you’re asking yourself why you didn’t think of that first because I for sure as fuck am thinking that. Also, I’m starting a petition to have every dude in the military given a pair of these as standard issue. We would definitely be the freshest military on the planet. The Taliban would just have to respect that. Like, “Yea we’re not fans of how you conduct yourselves, your women’s rights and your free speech, but there ain’t a bad thing we can say about those wingtips.” Actually, now that I think of it, these shoes would be the exact reason why we’re hated so much by the Taliban CUZ WE GOT SOOOOO MUCH SWAAGGGG. HAAAAAAANH!