When it comes to moccasin style footwear there may be no better option than Maine's Quoddy. While this is no big secret to aficionados of American-made footwear, or even those casually peruse through a J.Crew Style Guide, the New England-based brand still gives new reasons to check for its boat shoes. The latest addition to the brand's resume are two pairs of Boat Moccs with Vibram wrapped soles.

Admit it, you've seen true moccasin-style shoes in the past and weren't sure how the sole would hold up on city streets. Because you, like many others, don't trek through the Acadia National Forest on a regular basis. This is the exact reason why these shoes are so awesome. You can now rock a lower-profile boat shoe without sacrificing comfort or durability. While we're not sure if that equals a mind-blown realization—we do know you can cop these on Leather Soul's website for $300 a piece.

[via Leather Soul]