London, 2009

"A friend of mine asked me if I was interested in taking photos of junkies (this one in particular) smoking crack. I said yes. Why not? So he organized the meeting, and we went to his house to shoot.

After we finished shooting, the Junkie expected some payment...It wasn't the original plan, but we complied and went to get some cash from the ATM not too far from his house. At that point, I thought to myself: Is giving money to a junkie to do more drugs really what I want to do? The answer was no. So we decided to go to the supermarket to grab some food for him instead. BAD, bad idea.

Turns out that the junky was following us and as soon we went in the opposite direction to the ATM, he ran up to my friend and wildly started slapping him in the face and shouting. It was scary, because he turned into this evil creature. It was so quick and unexpected. In the end, we gave him £20. Never again."